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The relationship of music and fashion is growing more and more globally as collaborations of brands, artists and music artists reaches remarkable heights. Tunes, Trends & Threads vision is to have a positive influence on the illimitable development of lifestyle and culture through the continuous enhancement of fashion and music.

At TTTHREADS, we believe in nurturing up and coming creativity and compelling the world with enhanced knowledge  of fashion and new music through editorial, audible and visually stimulating platforms.

Love for New Music…

TTTHREADS are fully focused on the progression of brands, artists, bands and DJ’s by permanently keeping the world updated with the most fascinating and absorbing stories in music from the hottest artists right now to the best upcoming breakthrough artists. We keep you completely updated with the best new songs & music releases every week, so check out our Upcoming Music Releases Diary! And don’t forget to take a peak at our TTTOP PICK Music Festivals to find the best music festivals hand-selected just for you.

Love for Fashion Brands…

Tunes, Trends & Threads explore all brands and styles; from high-end to sports and urban wear, and from up and coming to well established, there is no brand too big or small for TTTHREADS. If we think it’s unique, inspirational or aesthetically pleasing we want to assist every brand in achieving its full potential by compelling you with their story and ultimately giving you the knowledge to get your hands on it as soon as its released. Our TTTHREADS Store will be coming soon and providing you with the best street style and festival fashion clothing available, so watch this space!

Going to a Festival in 2016? Look out for Tunes, Trends & Threads!

TTTHREADS were originally developed with music festivals close to its heart and we know you loved our TTTop Pick Music Festivals of 2015. This is because music festivals repeatedly connect a huge variety of cultures together from all different ways of life; across the country, continent or globe, different ages, different outlooks on life, a wide range of diverse styles and individual natures. Ultimately these people peacefully and happily come together for these epic music events to celebrate their love for all different types of song and their passion for music. As we did last year, Tunes, Trends & Threads will once again be bringing to you the TTTop Pick Music Festivals of 2016.

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