An Insight into Fred Perry x Raf Simons Collaboration

Fred Perry x Raf Simons Collaboration

“Dress codes and gestures and attitudes have always inspired me as has youth culture in general” - Raf Simons, Interview Magazine

Fred Perry has been well established worldwide for some time now, growing its traditionally UK aesthetic and British heritage alongside the ever-evolving and expanding nature of subculture itself. The Fred Perry logo has become a symbol of an era, a characterization, and a lifestyle - and it’s growth as a brand doesn’t stop there. Despite staying relevant for over half a century to modern youth and culture, Fred Perry is continuously ahead of the curve and seemingly more relevant than ever.

Their most recent partnership with Raf Simons is just one example of this, as the brand takes on a collaboration which works seamlessly with the clean-cut yet unmistakable Fred Perry image. Expressing his own appreciation for the brand and British subculture in general, Simons maintains a certain type of respect for Fred Perry by sticking to its original roots however isn’t afraid to put his own distinctive stamp on the brand, such as a nod to oversized silhouettes and the inclusion of the original laurel wreath logo. Tipped details such as cuffs nod towards classic Fred Perry, while shape and contour of the clothing  such as a boxy fit and futuristic aesthetic, carry the brand forwards and into a more innovative yet simplistic space. Blocks of more neutral, minimal shades are also paired directly against a soft palette of the classic Fred Perry check. With his own interpretation on several classic pieces in the Fred Perry history, we think the Fred Perry x Raf Simons collaboration is a huge success and can’t wait for more.

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Article Written by Emily Drinkeld