Karl Lagerfeld and Vans Collaboration

Karl Lagerfeld Vans Collaboration … OMG!!

Karl Lagerfeld Vans are the perfect match made in heaven, Yes. it’s the collaboration nobody knew they needed until now. Sure, we’re not seeing our typical vans style bold patterns or wild textures but this particular style mix with the skate brand is edgy and I’ve got to say, I like it a lot!


This 87-year-old legendary fashion designer has teamed up with Vans to debut his own collection of sneakers and accessories, all of which I promise you will encourage you to go out and have a major shopping splurge soon as the collection hits the stores.

With Vans becoming fashion’s coolest footwear this year the world renowned fashion designer has twelve sleek versions of the vans classics and several fashionable black and white pieces including T-shirts, backpacks, bomber jackets and sweatshirts with a runway approved twist that only a major fashion icon like Karl Lagerfeld could think up. Known best for his creative work with the major players like Chanel and Fendi he seems far from slowing down anytime soon.

The Vans collaboration Karl Lagerfeld draws his own inspiration from Parisian Couture thus creating the most jaw dropping blend of high fashion and street savvy style.

Vans-x-Karl-Lagerfeld t-shirt   See above, Karl Lagerfeld x Vans Women’s black and white T-shirt from the capsule collection. Above, Karl Lagerfeld x Vans Women’s and Men’s sneakers from the capsule collection. kxv capsule collection See above, Karl Lagerfeld x Vans both black and white T-shirts, Bomber jacket, leather backpack, baseball cap and black and white sweatshirt all accessible from the capsule collection. Prices available both online or in store.  

This exciting capsule collection will officially be unveiled at the Berlin Bread & Butter trade show, before it drops worldwide on September the 7th and will be available both online at Karl Lagerfeld and Vans stores, happy shopping everyone!!

Article Written by Preeti Pajani