Jessie Ware-Selfish Love (2017- Single Review)

Jessie Ware-Selfish Love (2017- Single Review)

Selfish Love was written by the English singer and songwriter Jessie Ware was raised in Clapham, along with her older sister (British actress Hannah Ware, who has appeared in Hitman: Agent 47, Shame & Cop out). Their parent’s professions include being a former social worker (Mother) & a BBC Panorama Reporter (Father) respectively.

Having two acclaimed albums under her belt, Ware has been nominated many times for prestigious awards such as 4 Mobo Awards (2012), 3 Brit Awards amongst many others whilst also winning the South Bank Sky Arts Awards under Pop Music for her debut album Devotion (2012).

Jessie Ware - Selfish Love
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Influenced by American RnB and Hip Hop, Ware involves subtle instruments and beats within many of her songs. Further acting as a songwriter on the majority of her songs, as she touches on personal experiences and draws on subject matters close to her heart, in creating music that is raw, true and even relatable with its appealing content and engaging mini narratives (just like her latest release titled 'Selfish Love'.


The Song Itself

Her latest track Selfish Love off her third album titled ‘Glasshouse’ provides us with some Latin flavour this summer, with some soft incandescent beats following Wares sultry and soft tone in a song that showcases Ware discussing a love that’s selfish and unwarranted. Further going into how she is hurt but aware of her pain, utilising hers senses and even knowledge in dealing with the situation cleverly.Jessie Ware selfish love

The opening of Selfish Love begins with "Baby let's be honest about this there's only room for one in your heart". Which suggests Ware is aware of her lover’s way, further acknowledging his infidelity right from the start through hidden meaning(s). For me, this showcases Wares attentiveness and her ability to craft music that puts her in charge of each delivery note and even subject matter; as she sails the ship with every narrative that she weaves.

Overall 'Selfish Love' is definitely a soft sultry samba infused track, which is sure to smoothen out your summer. With its neo soul and gentle percussion, S.L lets one get lost in the summer sun, as we listen to Ware discuss a love that’s on the road to nowhere as selfish as it is, one that is hard to forget. Considering its one that she is so used to in familiarity and even comfort. Thus this song is certainly a romantic ballad with a key twist. Which is definitely worth listening too as summer draws to an end soon. Be sure to check out the official music video above!
Article Written by Ashish Patel