Matt Reeves – “Complicated ” Album Review

Who is Matt Reeves

Matt Reeves is a man who’s grinded and worked hard for what he’s wanted all his life, wanting to be different and not your average artist is something that he is known for. With the release of this album ‘Complicated’ he delves in for some personal subjects, but also the city boy writes a number of tracks that are very relatable. As you scroll down his album, certain tracks such as ‘One Two One Two’ and ‘Purpose Driven’ provide lyrics that flow perfectly about his journey and his perspective on the world. Talking about how people see him and his reaction about all of this. As he mentions several times in ‘One Two One Two’ he’s just Matt Reeves and he means no harm.

Matt Reeves (One Two One Two)
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‘Purpose Driven’ is where Reeves talks about how he’s been constantly improving even when it’s the hunger games and he’s learning to survive and talks about very real subjects from people looking up to him to his music being too real for everyone to listen to. If you want to listen to more of his music, make sure to visit his website -   Matt Reeves   Throughout this album the majority of tracks have a very simple beat behind the vocals, but certain tracks such as ‘City Boy’ and ‘Caves’ which have a soulful sound to it with saxophones and keyboards playing a big part in changing up the feel to this album. Although there is still a simple beat in the background with the very real lyrics, it still changes up the sound of the beginning of the album and no-one is complaining. Rapping about grinding and becoming someone, to drugs and being arrested, Matt Reeves keeps his music real and it’s a refreshing touch to see and seeing artists such as Angela Gray and Nadelle Scott featuring on different tracks, it’s clear to see that Matt Reeves is just a man with a mic.
Article Written by Josh Abraham