The Louis Vuitton X Supreme Collection

Street Meets Chic: The Louis Vuitton X Supreme Collection

When you think of Louis Vuitton, skate wear is certainly not what comes to mind; but perhaps that is part of the magic of the luxury brand’s new collaboration with urban label, Supreme. With LV’s distinctive monogram print dating back to 1854 and Supreme’s simplistic designs and centralised logo that first hit the streets 140 years later, it was hard to imagine how the two brands might create a cohesive collection whilst maintaining their individual iconic styles.

The Collection..

But since the collection was finally revealed on 30th June, everyone from collectors to celebrities have been trying to get their hands on the limited pieces. And looking at the collection, ranging from the impossibly simple to the impossible to see coming, you can understand why…   Louis Vuitton X Surpreme CollectionLouis Vuitton X Surpreme Collection   The hoodie and logo tee are two of the more classic items in the collection. With the red and white theme tying the brands together, you get both the iconic LV print and the Supreme logo, so no one can miss which collaboration you’re wearing this summer. While the hoodie’s bold pattern and colouring are contrasted with the classic hoodie style, the t-shirt is much more understated. The simple cut and logo are very much keeping with this season’s onslaught of luxury graphic tees, seen in many other brands’ collections including Gucci and Versace. Although other pieces in the collection have more intricate detailing and a high-fashion edge, these simpler pieces are perfect for wearing from the street, to the skate park, to an A-List party. John Mayer has already been seen sporting the t-shirt at his show in Phoenix, Arizona on 1st August, to wide critical praise.   Louis Vuitton X Surpreme Collection  

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The undoubted star of the show is the skateboard and matching case. With the same combination of the brands’ signature iconography, it would certainly stand out in the skate park. However, with only ten of these having been made, actually riding the skateboard may be ill-advised, as Jeffree Star demonstrated in his vlog on 28th July. Having been one of the ten lucky recipients of the set, as a gift for his boyfriend Nathan, he vlogged Nathan’s first ride on the board to prove it was worth its jaw-dropping $59,000 price tag. But all did not end well, with the short ride leading to many scuff-marks and an irreparable crack in the body of the board, after landing a trick wrong. An expensive mistake to say the least.   Another of Jeffree Star’s favourite picks from the collection is the phone case. A perfect way to sport the collection day-to-day, the classic red and white print matches many of the other pieces. Recreating the suitcase-style detailing already seen on the skateboard case with the white-silver metal on the skirting and clasp, fused with the seamless red leather, make this phone-case a far cry from Supreme’s street roots, but undeniably another iconic piece in the collection.   Louis Vuitton X Surpreme Collection This intricate metal detailing continues on the keyrings and pen-knives. Despite the red and white theme upheld by the previous items, there are a few other patterns explored in the extensive collection, including the camouflage seen on this pen knife, some denim clothing items, and the more old-school Louis Vuitton brown and gold printing, replicated on one of the keyrings. The two keyrings, despite the opulent gold and silver bases, retain a simplicity in the geometric detailing. Two of the four panels display each of the brand’s logos, heavily used throughout the collection, while the other two panels create a domino-effect from Louis Vuitton’s recognisable diamond patterning. The pen-knives share the keyrings’ subtle engraving of Louis Vuitton in block capitals on each of the individual metal pieces, but utilise the print in a new way, by stretching it just larger than the small portion of leather and cropping the logo down, attesting to how iconic the pattern alone has become since the brand’s conception.   While this was certainly an unconventional collaboration, it has not failed to deliver on the quality and style these brands show individually. Bringing together street-styles, like denim and camouflage, with undeniably luxury detailing in the metalwork and prints, it is clear why they have been one of the most exciting collaborations of 2017 so far. They managed to pull off a collection that is both cohesive, and caters to a variety audiences and customers, making it a definite favourite for both celebrities and skaters. Although much of the clothing in the collection was fresh and unexpected, the most surprising part is the accessories. Despite both brands being known for their clothing, the items delivered impeccable silver and gold engravings, and a quiet boldness in the design, so far unrivalled in other 2017 collections. However, the clothing’s unisex styling is a definite plus, allowing each of the pieces to be available to any fan of the collection – but only if you can stomach the price tag that comes with it. Article Written By Matilda Deterding