Camilla Cabello’s “Havana” – 2017 Review

Camilla Cabello's "Havana" - 2017 Review

Hailing from Cuba and having been brought up in Miami Florida at the age of 5. Camila Cabello. In-case you did not know, her full name is Karla Camila Cabello Estrabao & was born on March the 3rd 1997. She has now released "Havana", one of her latest songs.

Camila Cabello
Having auditioned at a young age for the X-Factor USA, Cabello soon found herself being put in a group. For which she recorded music with from the age of 15. Having released a few singles and two globally selling albums. She and her girl group quickly became a hit amongst the masses with pop critics alike commending the girl's style, morale and attitude. After coming third on XFactor USA and securing a joint record deal with Simon Cowells Simco/Syco records.
Flash back to November 2016, FH's group representative released the statement that Cabello had officially left the group to secure a solo career. Thus began the true rise of Cabello as she flaunted her impressive song writing skills and vocal high notes. With her releasing her first single "Crying in the Club" being penned  Sia Furler (featuring samples of Christina Aguileras "Genie in a bottle" written by Furler herself).
Now Cabello is back on the charts with even more new music. This time being accompanied by rapper Young Thug on 'Havana' (co-written by Cabello herself).

The Song Itself

It's no surprise that this song has already proved a hit, having seen to be trending on Spotify and other music platforms. Which makes sense as Cabello's Cuban roots speak volumes on this culturally flavored ting, with hints of attitude, heartbreak, love, desire and more. Further collaborating with rapper Young Thug to make this a summer tune with punch and flare.

Camila Cabello - Havana (Audio) ft. Young Thug
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With a picturesque setting of Cuba upon one hearing the song. One is immediately transported to the tropical island as Cabello pines over a lover she left behind further paying homage to her hometown singing "Half of my heart is in Havana, oh nan a". Making this a defiant anthem for love, celebration and fun.
Thus be sure to check out this song (which is sure to bring out your dance moves, as you dance the summer days away under the Latin heat) and comment your thoughts of the song below. And as they say in Cuba "Bailar la noche entera" (meaning "Dance the night away' "translated from Spanish).
Article Written By Ashish Patel.