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Festival Fashion Picks 2017

My mum says that 'in her day' people hardly wore anything at festivals.. I thought she was exaggerating since Britain couldn’t have been much warmer back then. Then she showed me pictures of dad in his see-through mac and wellies! Ok, it was the era of free love but it probably resulted in a lot of flu too. Here are my festival fashion picks that will make you feel hot whatever the weather.

No Clothes At Festivals

Unleash your inner Boho

Most of us find ourselves squeezed into uniforms, first for school then for work. So, now that the festival season is finally underway it is time to express our glorious unconventional selves, whether we are bohemians, rockers or hippies. Thankfully, pretty much anything goes but this year the focus is on flesh, fishnet, florals, fringes and floppy hats.

Less is more

We are not letting the British weather dictate our outfits this year, oh no, we are bearing our flesh and braving the elements. If sunshine is guaranteed then simply don classically frayed shorts and a bikini or tank top. On a cooler day add a mesh or crochet dress for an extra layer without ruining the effect.

Less is More Styling at Festival

Don’t mesh with the best

To be an accomplished rock goddess, wear mesh under the t-shirt of your favourite band. The extra layer next to your skin will trap air and keep you warm. Otherwise, use fishnet to spice up an outfit, like these red tights under black shorts.

Mesh Fashion

Say yes to the dress

The great thing about slip dresses is that they can be long or short, patterned or plain. This distressed lace-up dress puts a modern spin on 70’s tie-dye. Or you can take trip back to the era of flower power with a breezy maxi skirt. When it gets too hot, a strategically tied knot will transform your outfit quickly, allowing you to bare your legs to the sun.

Dress Fashion Style


Mouth an’ trousers

If exposing so much is not your thing then how about something with just a hint of skin? The tears in these fishnet leggings are subtle and would look great with a t-shirt or slip dress. And bell-bottoms might be a thing of the past but who doesn’t love a romp in a jumpsuit?

Trousers Fashion Picks


Yee haw!

Fringing just makes me think of cowboys but I love it on this t-shirt with the orange fade and eagle. And I would definitely throw this kimono on once the sun goes down to take away the evening chill.

Festival Cowboy

Singing and dancing in the rain

If the heavens open, don’t let the rain stop you from enjoying the music. Choose a see-through mac so that shows off your outfit beneath. You can get Pac A Macs from Asda for £1 or for something more colourful, holographic and metallic macs are really funky. For something warmer go for a denim jacket that you can tie round your waist when not in use.

Raincoat at a festival


These boots were made for walking

Festivals cover a large area and there’s bound to be a lot of walking. Make sure that whatever you wear on your feet is as comfortable at the end of the day as the start. For those muddy days there is always the good old welly but since Dr Martens are set to make a comeback and can easily be worn with anything why not invest in a good quality pair of Docs? For a dry day nothing could be better than sandals and you can wear anything from gladiator ankle flats to platforms but I love these tubular strap sandals.

Boots festival style

The sun has got his hat on

Some people love hats and some people hate them. Do not underestimate their usefulness at a festival. They’ll keep your hair dry if it rains or the sun off your face if it’s hot. Nasty Gal has some great headgear, from floppy hats to baseball caps.

Best Festival hats

Don’t worry, be happy

Whether the fields are drenched in sunshine or saturated with mud, pick your outfit with the weather in mind but most of all wear what makes you happy and stand out in the crowd.

Article Written by Katie Toft