Beth Ditto – Fire (Disciples Remix)

Beth Ditto - Fire (Disciples Remix)

Hailing all the way from Arkansas, in the mid-southern state of America, Ms Ditto has returned. Beth Ditto originally debuted on the music scene ten years ago with indie rock band The Gossip and Standing in The Way of Control , which became the unofficial theme tune to the hit TV series Skins. She went solo last year.

Now Beth is back with her latest new song called Fire (Disciples remix) and it sounds different compared to anything else that she’s done. It’s over 5 minutes long it’s very catchy and Beth’s vocals simply pour through, mind you she is a vocal force to be reckoned with. Now you may have heard the original version which is a minute or so shorter but the Disciples remix adds an upbeat discotheque tone to it.

Check it Disciples remix of Fire below

Beth Ditto - Fire (Disciples Remix) [Audio]
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The chorus word itself, Fire, just resonates in your head and is somewhat addictive to listen to. It’s one of those where you could listen to it a few times over and not tire of it easily, in fact you can easily put this in your music list and it’d still be great listening even hours after you first heard it. In many ways Beth is very much like Adele in terms of vocal power. As an artist, her musical talents have transcended ranging from pop-to-house-to-dance punk and now southern rock with some gospel vocal inspiration. Even though she first came to prominence during the new indie scene of the 00’s you can’t just label her to just one genre and Fire proves just that.

Taken from her debut album Fake Sugar which came out earlier this year, this is the first single to be released from it. As far as solo debuts go it is actually quite good, very different from what she did when she was in The Gossip

Fire has already received airplay and has been mentioned in numerous music publications such as NME, The Guardian and Daze digital.

Article Written by Adam Humphreys