New Year, New Shoe – The Future of Sneakers

New Year, New Shoe - The Future of Sneakers

Another year has passed, with it having been an incredible year not just for footwear advancements, but incredible steps in technology. 2015 showed us the creation of the hoverboard, which exploded (sometimes quite literally) and the 3D printer becoming even closer to something we may all have in our homes and able to create almost anything. This was all pretty heavily influenced by it being the comeback year of the Back to The Future films. Now in a new year, brings a love child of both advanced footwear and technology, the Digitsole Smartshoe 01.

New Year New Shoe

Shoes, once just something to protect feet, have come so far. The Smartshoe not only has a futuristic, edgy look that is sure to stand out, but it’s so much more than just a pretty face. The design created by the innovative Digitsole, has an insane amount of features, not least of which is that it can be controlled by your smartphone. This is luxury footwear at its finest, all while having the style of a wicked unisex sneaker. The shoe comes in three different designs, while the most popular design is the futuristic trainer, the shoe also comes in disguise as you can also get a simple sneaker design and even a smart work heel which comes in different colours.2016

New Year New Shoe3
New Year New Shoe2

Now down to the cool part, the features. All three designs are interactive – with the help of your phone they track your calories burned, connect by Bluetooth, and track steps taken and distance walked, along with being heated for the constantly changing weather. However there’s some completely unique things only the original futuristic design does that the more subtle shoes don’t. They are shock absorbant and like Marty Mcfly you can finally have automatic tightening shoes so they fit exactly how you want all with just one touch of your phone. Can’t wait for these babies to release but terrified about the price tag? You’re in luck, for those who couldn’t wait, the shoes released on Digitsole’s website on Feb 1st at 5pm in the UK and 12pm in the US (Eastern Time) and for the first 1000 pairs that were ordere sold at a special price of $400 (£280) so you can image, they were snapped up pretty quick!

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