The Art of Saving the Earth: Create Fashion From Rubbish

The Art of Saving the Earth: Create Fashion From Rubbish

We all know our planet is suffering, the big problem of pollution and its effects on global warming. It's scary how the fears are growing year by year, with some leading scientists believing that, in a relatively short time, a catastrophe will happen. So, are we doing enough to protect our planet and ourselves?

Of course not; we are still burning immense amounts of fossil fuels alongside wasting tons of paper, plastic and other materials every year! On the other side, fortunately, there are many people who try their best to save the planet, by re-cycling and avoiding the waste of plastic, paper, glass and so on. A few of these people are making a minor contribution by creating art from from.

There are two fashion designers, Gustavo Galvan and Benedetta Iafrate, who are focusing their work on re-cycling and giving new life to rubbish.

Gustavo Galvan is a young designer, who did his first exhibition at the “Snug Harbor Artist Residency Program (SHARP)”, presenting garments made out of recycled materials.

After presenting his collection, he said, “this method (recycling materials) allows me to combine my love for fashion with the sculptural design that is the heart of the pieces”.

Gustavo Galvan dress - Create Fashion from Rubbish

The dress in the picture above is made of two different materials; for the bottom, Galvan, has cut into strips some recycled plastic bags; as to the top, it is made of plastic bottles’ bottoms, burned into flowers.  Galvan has been selected by SHARP for this show together with seven other post-BFA levels living in NYC.

As to the beautiful paper dress below, its designer is Benedetta Iafrate, a 21-years-old art and design student from Boston. She is one of the students who presented their creations at the “Wearable art 2012” exhibition. The dress in the picture is the “newspaper petal dress”, from Iafrate’s collection shown during Boston Fashion Week.

Benedetta Iafrate dress - Create Fashion from Rubbish

Her garments are usually made of paper, tape and, for the bottom, shower curtains. These are two really cool upcoming designers, that are bringing exciting concepts to the world of fashion and mastered their skills to create fashion from rubbish.

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