Ready for Winter Footwear Selection 2015

Footwear Ready for Winter Looks 2015

In the age of expensive consumer fashion, there is now more than ever the need to wed fashion and style to functionality. In other words, there is no point in wearing your most expensive fashion garments, if you have to wear a Christmas jumper over it because you're too cold otherwise.

Likewise, there's no point of owning shoes that you won't wear because doing so in winter feels like standing in a cold toilet, no matter how cool they are. For the sheer reliability and function you need in winter, you need decent shoes. But there's no reason you have to sacrifice fashion for function. This isn't your Duke of Edinburgh award, as these selections from Brantano show. The specialist family shoe providers have a vast and diverse range of footwear which promotes a hardy, rough exterior and a secure interior. That means that you can specify your functional footwear to your style, whatever your style may be…

The Shearling Jacket Look

Mens Shearling Jacket look with Boots

Similar to the leather jacket trend for women featured below, it seems as if the Shearling jacket for men is also making a comeback. Made stylish by airmen, it seems like there is a common theme running through fashion at the moment – the idea that practicality is not only necessary it can also be more fashionable than other looks.

With the top-heavy look created by a large jacket, large shoes are needed to balance this look. In terms of pure size, Caterpillar Bridgeport Ankle Boots from Brantano have clear appeal. Their light-to-dark downwards transition look only adds to their ability to catch the eye.

Caterpillar Bridgeport Ankle Boots Casual Boots

Biker Chic


With big catwalk names such as Vetements, Courrèges, Paco Rabanne and Yves Saint Laurent all dropping leather jackets in recent collections, the Womens leather jacket is a timeless hot fashion item. Punks, goths and metalheads have all been associated with the leather jacket in the past, as have military airmen. In fact, they originally rose to prominence in the 50s and 60s as a result of the tough, suave look developed by WW2 airmen, and so wearing one is building upon a bold statement look cultivated over time. And for a bold look, you need bold, aggressive shoes.

Step forward the Clarks Fianna Holly Ankle Boots. As well as providing the large and no-nonsense style required to complete the look, they feature Clark's Cushion Soft underfoot, meaning that even when it's cold you won't let it affect your Hard look.

Sports-Luxe Style


Both Chloe and Gucci have recently featured luxury tracksuits, perhaps attempting to capitalise on the recent wave of interest in retro sportswear. Inspired by old photos of once-young ravers, retro is back and represented strongly by the now-young ravers. This relaxed trend is strong with independent labels and streetwear brands but remains to be seen in our high street retailers. You can get ahead of the trend by grabbing a pair of minimalist casual boots, such as the Clarks Maribel Glove Ankle Boots. The simplicity of the boots design creates a bold, intimidating statement whilst maintaining comfort and warmth with their faux-fur warm linings.

Clarks Maribel Glove Ankle Boots2

Cosy Gentleman

With knitwear having been featured pretty much everywhere in men’s clothing, both on and off the catwalk, the rise of the comfy jumper for winter has begun. Smart shoes which are also suitable for those unexpected winter snow showers are a consequent necessity.

The dark, lush leather combined with the appealing, stylish simplicity of the Caterpillar Transform Boot is perfect. This versatile boot is also very hard wearing and suitable for those winter terrains. Get yours now!

Caterpillar transform boot

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