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Ed Sheeran’s Photograph - Song review

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From the multi-award winning second studio album,| X, Ed Sheeran released his fifth single, ‘Photograph’, which was co-written with Snow Patrol member Johnny McDaid. Ed Sheeran has never made a major appearance in his music videos until “Thinking Out Loud” and “Don’t”. However, true to his words, the music video is indeed a “special one” as it contains a series of video montages (mostly filmed by his parents – perfect for Mother’s day in some countries) of the singer-songwriter’s progression to the star he is now. From the adorable chubby-cheeked baby to the singer learning a variety of musical instruments, fans are able to see the many talents of Ed Sheeran. The video ends with a touching question by his dad “Are you at the top of the mountain?” before answering his question with the more recent footages of behind-the-scenes and his successful live gigs. Ed Sheeran has definitely shared a rare, heartfelt insight into his life.

The song ‘Photograph’ itself begins with an acoustic guitar combined with the chilled-out heart melting voice of Ed Sheeran. As it goes into the chorus, the piano and drum kit (keeping it nice and acoustic) comes in and Ed Sheeran impresses us by singing in a warm, mellow falsetto.

Having been certified seven times platinum with his recent album X, Ed Sheeran will be returning to the UK for his three sold-out shows at Wembley Stadium in July. Currently, he is on tour in the US.

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